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As we share LIFE with others around God’s Word, the Bible, we believe that our LIFE is transformed. As our LIFE is transformed by the Word, we believe that God uses us to transform the World around us. Our LIFE in the Word transforms our LIFE in the World. This is what Sunday school at FBC San Antonio is all about. Visit the Sunday school webpage to see how you can get involved in a Sunday school group and to see the 4 Initiatives that our Sunday school groups are focusing on this year.

Check out the 4 Initiatives that are helping our groups to experience transformation through LIFE in the Word, LIFE in the World.  

1.  Life List – have a list of people for whom you pray and are actively seeking to encourage them to follow Christ with all of their lives

2.  Impacting our Community and the World – mobilize with your group to adopt a Yes, Lord! Ministry project as a group each semester and support at least one International mission

3.  Friendships with Neighbors – plan ways to reach out to friends and family with your group

4.  Everyone Involved – engage all class members in spiritual growth.