Community Missions Christmas


    Love Gifts for Children
    This year we will be buying gifts for 80 children from BCFS and South Texas Alliance for Orphans and Foster Children. You may shop for a girl or boy and we can give you the specific requests they have made. If you prefer you may also donate $40 which buys two gifts and we will shop for you. Self-bought gifts due Dec 3; Help wrap gifts Dec 9th.You are blessing many families this year through your generosity.

    Christmas Care Food Box
    Collection - Through Dec. 9
    Packing - Dec. 14
    Delivery - Dec. 15

    This year our goal is to send out 150 boxes. Each box costs about $40 to fill. Any donation amount helps. If you prefer to shop for food, see the list of items needed below. Food must be delivered to the church by December 9th, bins will be located around the church.  The list might seem quite specific – but the team has worked hard to fill every nook and cranny in the box!  Thank you!

    Individual Items:
    42 ounce Oatmeal
    40 ounce Peanut Butter
    20 ounce Raisins
    5 lb Flour 4 lb Sugar
    46 ounce Applesauce
    24 ounce Marinara Sauce
    32 ounce Jelly
    Macaroni and Cheese
    16 ounce Rice
    16 ounce Beans
    10 ounce Canned Chicken
    12 ounce Tuna
    16 ounce Spaghetti
    10.5 ounce Noodle Soup
    15 ounce Mixed Vegetables
    15 ounce Corn
    15 ounce Green Beans
    Cornbread Mix

    International Food Box:
    Crown Prince Sardines in Tomatoes
    48 ounce Canola Oil
    20 ounce Raisins
    Black Sesame Seeds
    Chili Power Takis
    5 lb Rice
    4 lb Beans

    Military Cards
    Your words of encouragement will be a welcome Christmas joy for the airmen and airwomen.
    Signed cards will be accepted through December 10th!