IMAGO Courses

Private Lessons

Private lessons occur once a week in 30-minute sessions for the duration of the semester, coinciding with the public school calendar (16 lessons in the fall; 20 lessons in the spring; 8 lessons in the summer). Students will receive individualized instruction from their teacher on their instrument at a regular time each week. Private lessons will focus on technique, sight-reading skills, musicality, and good performance practices. Students will learn repertoire to present at end-of-semester recitals as a means of working toward a performance goal and sharing their progress with friends and family. Because musicians are learning a fine motor skill that develops over time, it is the expectation that students registering for private lessons will commit to lessons for the full school year. To maintain progress, summer lessons are highly encouraged.

Tuition for private lessons is $30/lesson ($480/fall, $600/spring, $240/summer). IMAGO will offer lessons for the following instruments, with plans to expand our teaching staff to include other instruments as we grow:

  • Piano (ages 7–adult)
  • Voice (ages 11–adult)
  • Guitar (ages 7–adult)
  • Violin/Viola (ages 3–adult)
  • Cello (ages 4–adult)
  • Organ (ages 7–adult)

Group Classes

Group classes occur once a week for varying lengths of time, in 8-week or 12- week sessions. Class sizes will vary. As much as possible, classes will be grouped according to age and proficiency level. IMAGO will offer classes for the following disciplines:

  • Crochet (ages 10 - adult), $25/90-minute class
  • Drawing for Adults (ages 16 - adult), $25/90-minute class
  • Art for Youth (ages 12 - 15), $25/90-minute class
  • Painting (ages 13 - adult), $25/90-minute class
  • Independent Art Studio (ages 12 - adult), $25/90-minute class
  • Music Theory (ages 13 - adult), $20/45-minute class


Students in private lessons will perform in recitals at the end of each semester. Performances give private lesson students a goal to work toward, as well as the opportunity to share their progress with friends and family. An accompanist will be provided for the recital at no additional cost.

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    Art for Youth (ages 12 - 15)

    This course focuses on building fundamental drawing skills supported by an introduction to basic art theory and an understanding of the art elements and principles of design. Students will learn basic techniques such as gray scale and color shading, compositional skills and drawing methods such as pointillism, contour line and still life studies. Great emphasis will also be placed on developing the student’s artistic eye, and references will be made to artists and artworks found in history as well in contemporary art and design.

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    Beginning Ballet (ages 7 - 12)

    The ballet class will be a hybrid of the Vaganova method with influences from past instructors. Class will begin at the barre with the students doing
    combinations* led by the instructor. Students will move to the center for adagio and allegro. Grand allegro will be last, with other combinations performed across the floor. As class concludes, students will be led through a reverence to thank the instructor and each other for class.

    For any student who has not taken a ballet class, be aware and comforted by the fact that the instructor will walk through each of the combinations first and will generally demonstrate it alongside the students for reference.

    *All combinations taught during class may be changed at the instructor’s discretion. This will ensure variety and will help teach students to learn choreography more quickly.

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    Beginning/Intermediate Jazz (ages 10 - adult)

    This is a basic jazz class with influences by Bob Fosse, Fred Astaire and other techniques taken from previous instructors. Class will begin with a warm up led by the instructor along with some conditioning. The remainder of class will be across-the-floor combinations* consisting of leaps, pirouettes, battements, and many other jazz technique steps. Class will generally end with some sort of turn sequence and a stretch.

    *All combinations taught during class may be changed at the instructor’s discretion. This will ensure variety and will help teach students to learn choreography more quickly.

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    Beginning Drawing for Adults (ages 16 - adult)

    Instruction not only includes careful explanation, but demonstration of how to do the drawings. Classes are kept small enough to get the one-on-one attention you need to be successful. Class focuses on right brain drawing techniques like upside-down drawing, mirrored image drawing, blind contour, and grid drawing. Great for beginners, but will improve skills at all levels.

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    Crocheting (ages 10 - adult)

    Students will learn the basic techniques of crocheting and how to read a pattern. Once they’ve learned these techniques and mastered them, the possibilities are endless!

    Beginners—Available projects to choose from are: Produce Market Bag, Apple Coaster, Fruit Bowl, Granny Square Pillow, Water Bottle Holder, Dish Cloths and Ducky.

    Advanced—For anyone who knows how to crochet, but who needs a little help with working a certain pattern or would like to learn to crochet Amigurumi Toys.

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    Independent Art Studio

    The IMAGO Independent Art Studio is designed for teen and adult students who have already taken a beginner’s art course in a 2-D drawing or painting medium or can demonstrate intermediate to advanced art skills in a 2-D art medium. Students who are self-motivated and who wish to create a body of work during this session are welcome to enroll. Those considering Independent Study should be aware that this course is offered as an opportunity for the student to focus on their art, with the guidance of the instructor to take their own work to a new level in both concept and technique.

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    Intro to Painting (ages 13 - adult)

    This course is for those folks who thought they would never consider picking up a paint brush to create something beautiful. With a belief that every person has a God-given ability to create, the instructor will teach students to develop individual painting skills and techniques to express themselves through creating art through the mediums of watercolor and acrylic paint. Students will learn about creativity, design, color, composition and value. By the end of the course, students will have the basic skills and techniques necessary to create paintings on their own.

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    Music Theory

    Music theory classes will learn about aspects of reading and writing music, including clefs, note names, note values, meter, rhythm, accidentals, key signatures, scales, and intervals. Students will be able to apply some of these theory concepts on the piano keyboard, through rhythm counting, or through the use of solfege. Depending upon student registration, this class can be taught at a beginner or intermediate level.

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    Private Music Lessons

    Private lessons focus on music literacy, instrument technique (fingering, bowing, breath support, range, tone, etc.), healthy body position, expression, building repertoire, and stage composure. Private lessons are designed to meet the students’ individual needs at their level. Students are highly encouraged to participate in semester recitals.

    If you don’t see your preferred instrument listed, we will work to find a teacher for you!


    • Suzie Rocha, voice
    • Sergio De Los Santos, guitar
    • Caitlin Simpson, cello
    • Zelda Meneses-Reus, piano
    • Bethany Turriff, violin/viola
    • Dr. N. Seth Nelson, organ