IMAGO Homeschool Courses

Imago Arts Academy is excited to offer the following Homeschool Courses for Fall 2019:

Fall 2019
Homeschool Courses
Ages Instructor Wednesday Time 14 Week Tuition
Basic Art 6-12 Pam Henry 10am-11:30pm $260
Acrylic Painting 13-18 Mark Oehlert 2pm-3pm $250
Watercolor Painting 13-18 Mark Oehlert 10:30am-12pm $350
Intermediate Ballet 10-17 Kellie Burnett 9:30am-10:30am $210
Music Theory and Ear Training 9-18 Lydia Beasley 10am-11am $240
Jr. High Choir 11-14 Lydia Beasley 11:30am-12:30pm $200
High School Choir 13-18 Lydia Beasley 11:30am-12:30pm $200


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    Basic Art for Homeschoolers (ages 6-12)

    In this multi-media class, students will learn the basics of drawing, painting, clay sculpture and more. They will learn about composition, value and design as well as the mastery of tools and techniques of an artist. Lessons are step-by-step to give young students security, but the development of individual style and interpretation of each subject is encouraged. Each child will receive a set of professionally printed note cards with a selected piece of their art printed on them in time for the holidays. Tuition covers all professional grade supplies, clay firing, and note card printing.

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    Acrylic Painting for Homeschoolers (ages 13-18)

    This course is designed for beginners who have minimal painting experience. Students will learn the basics of using acrylic paints and brushes. Students will also explore a variety of techniques (glazing, impasto, layering, alla prima, and others) and subject matter (landscape, abstraction, and self-portrait). We will cover the fundamentals of color blending, value, composition, and tone. One-on-one and group discussions will also review concepts crucial to the creative process, including critical thinking, spontaneity, discipline, metaphor, and others. Technical demonstrations will be a part of our studio work. The goal of this course is to give beginning students the basic tools and ideas necessary to begin their own personal painting experience.

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    Watercolor Painting for Homeschoolers (ages 13 & up)

    This course is for those folks who thought they would never consider picking up a paint brush to create something beautiful. With a belief that every person has a God-given ability to create, the instructor will teach students to develop individual painting skills and techniques to express themselves through creating art through the medium of watercolor paint. Students will learn about creativity, design, color, composition and value. By the end of the course, students will have the basic skills and techniques necessary to create watercolor paintings on their own.

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    Art History for Homeschoolers (ages 14-18)

    This course will introduce students to the major periods, methodologies, and issues in the field of art history. While learning to analyze visually works of painting, sculpture, and architecture, students will also examine the changing role of the artist and the changing functions of artworks throughout selected history. Stylistic development will be explored in relation to the cultural, social, and political contexts in which the works were created. Topics include: art and archaeology; art and its public; art and propaganda.

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    Intermediate Ballet for Homeschoolers (ages 10-17)

    In this class, students will learn the core principles of ballet etiquette, terminology, positions, and steps. Students will learn to execute ballet combinations at the barre, in the center, and across the floor. Students will also be taught a choreographed piece; typically performed at the end of the semester. Intermediate Ballet will be an active dance class suited to fulfill P.E. requirements, personal exercise goals, increase cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and balance.

    *One FREE trial class is available to every prospect student interested in taking a dance class. One free trial permitted per class, per individual.

    *Please inform the instructor of any injuries or medical conditions that may hinder physical movement prior to the start of class.

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    Theory and Ear Training: The Basics for Making Music

    Objective: to learn the fundamentals of music theory, including understanding and identifying the basics of musical notation, hearing and singing melodies using interval identification, composing simple melodies, and analyzing melodies. This course will introduce the basics of music theory in an interactive, dynamic environment. Students will learn to read and analyze musical and rhythmic notation through in-class lessons, group singing, and composition assignments. By the end of the class, students will be able to sightsing melodies, compose their own melodies, and analyze basic melodic structure.

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    IMAGO Homeschool Jr. High Choir

    The Junior High Choir will build better musicians through group-singing. Students will boost their understanding of music theory, musicianship skills, and healthy vocal technique by singing together in unison and in parts. Weekly rehearsals will include musical education and performance practice, with a mid-semester in-class performance for parents, as well as a culminating public performance at the end-of-semester IMAGO Recital.

    Benefits of Choral Singing