IMAGO Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee
A registration fee of $40/year is due for each student, with a family maximum of $60/year. This non-refundable fee is due at the time of registration.
Payment Options
Payments can be made at the beginning of each semester or in monthly installments. The total semester tuition is equally divided among the number of months in the semester. For this payment option, a $5 processing fee is added to each monthly installment. Payments can be made with debit/credit card, check, or cash. Monthly installments are due on or before the first lesson of each month. If payment is received after this time, a $10 late fee will be added. Lessons will be suspended if payment is not received by the second lesson of the month.

Pay Here for spring 2019

Tuition payments for Spring 2019 will be collected starting on January 1, 2019 and can be paid online at this webpage or in person at the IMAGO Office. Please contact the IMAGO Coordinator for more info.

Private Music Lessons* Spring Semester 2019 (20 Classes/ Jan-May) Monthly Installment (Includes $5 Processing Fee) Cost/Lesson
30-min lesson $600 $125


45-min lesson $900 $185 $45
60-min lesson $1,200 $245 $60


Private Crochet Lessons* Spring Semester 2019 (20 Classes/ Jan-May) Monthly Installment (Includes $5 Processing Fee) Cost/Lesson
60-min lesson $500 $105



Group Music Courses Spring Semester 2019 (See Schedule) Monthly Installment (Includes $5 Processing Fee) Cost/Class
Music - 6 Week Course $108 None - Pay in full $25/90-min. class
Music - 6 Week Course (Movers and Shakers) $72 None - Pay in full $12/45-min. class


Group Art Classes Spring Semester 2019 (See schedule) Monthly Installment (Includes $5 Processing Fee) Cost/Class
Art - 6 week course (Art for Children) $90 None - Pay in full $18/60-min. class
Art - 6 week course $150 None - Pay in full $25/90-min. class
Art - 12 week course $300 $105 $25/90-min. class
Crochet - 6 week course $150 None - Pay in full $25/90-min. class


Group Dance Courses Spring Semester 2019 (8 Classes/ April-May) Monthly Installment (Includes $5 Processing Fee) Cost/Class
Dance - 1 class $120 $65 $15/class
Dance - 2 classes $220 $115 $13.75/class


Annual Fees Student (Single) Registration Family (Max) Registration
Registration Fee $40 $60


Semester Fees  
Art Supply Fee** $15
Painting Lab Fee***

$12/ Continuing Student
$40 New Student

Late Fee**** $10

*Private lessons tuition would be pro-rated according to remaining # of weeks in the semester
**Art supply fee for Art for Youth and Art for Children group courses
***Painting Lab fee for Watercolor and Oil Painting group courses
***For overdue installment payments made after monthly due date

IMAGO offers partial scholarships for students with financial need. Awards vary by financial need and are contingent upon the date of application submission and the availability of funds. We cannot guarantee that awards will remain the same each semester or that funds will be available. To maintain eligibility, scholarship recipients must maintain the following criteria: Not be absent more than twice in one semester Make co-payments on or before monthly due dates Adhere to agreed IMAGO policies An IMAGO scholarship application can be downloaded below. Please print and deliver the application to the IMAGO Office OR scan/take photos of the application and email it to the IMAGO Coordinator.

Scholarship Application

IMAGO is always open and appreciative to receive offerings towards our Scholarship Fund. We are grateful to our past donors whose support has provided arts education opportunities to students in financial need. To learn more about how IMAGO scholarships have benefited our students, please visit our Outreach page. To donate towards the IMAGO Scholarship Fund, please click below.

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