Sunday, July 26
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Conversations on Racism and the Church
"Why is it so hard for us (the church) to talk about racism?"

Sunday, July 26

Through the Gospel, the church is poised to lead our city towards racial reconciliation and restoration. We of all people are best equipped to model repentance, forgiveness, peace, and equality.

Join us for our first panel discussion, one step out of many, as we talk about racism and the church.


Tyronne McCreary: Senior Pastor of Kingdom Life Christian Ministries
Greg Goodrich: Elder of Evangelism and Outreach - Kingdom Life Christian Ministries
Chris Johnson: Senior Pastor - First Baptist Church of San Antonio
Danny Panter: Associate Pastor, Next Gen Marrieds & Community Missions - First Baptist Church of San Antonio
Lamonte Nelms: Deacon - First Baptist Church of San antonio, Project Manager - Turner Construction