Pastor Transition Team

Pastor Chris Johnson's first Sunday preaching on a regular schedule will be August 20 at 11:00 AM with the LOGOS congregation in The Nellie Wilson Chapel. He will then rotate with Pastor Don Guthrie, preaching the next Sunday, August 27 in the 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM Traditional Services in the Sanctuary. This rotation will continue on a regular basis.

These are glorious times as we get to watch God's hand at work guiding these two men into a new chapter at FBCSA.

Will you join us?

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    Prayer Prompts
    August 13

    August 13
    A Prayer for Details

    "Lord, there are a thousand logistical details still to be worked out surrounding the Johnson's move here this week and next. We hold those details before you with con dence, knowing that you are a God of details. Your presence during this transition process has been clear. Thank you, Lord, for continuing to make the way straight. Amen."

    August 6
    A Prayer for Guidance

    "Our Father, Lamentations reminds us that Your mercies are new every morning.  Through Your mercy, we have been led by a wonderful shepherd leader and staff.  In Your mercy, You are now sending a new shepherd to serve with them. By Your mercy, we are being prepared for this new season. We trust You to guide each of us in Your ways in the days ahead."

    July 2
    A Prayer for Discernment

    “Father, we now have the names of the prospective co-pastor and his family for whom we have been praying. We lift Chris, Amy, Avery and Ellie Johnson before you as they join us in praying for discernment. Their current church, Chalk Bluff Baptist Church in Waco, also joins us in this prayer process. Show us your will. Make your desire clear for us as we all explore the exciting possibilities of a new chapter ahead.”

    June 4
    A Prayer for Relationships with City Leaders

    "Father, as we look toward a transition to a prospective new senior pastor, help him establish and grow cooperative and courageous relationships with our city's leaders.  Thank You for the opportunity to participate in Your work in San Antonio through this downtown church.  We pray for the Holy Spirit's leadership as our Pastor Search Team continues its work and may we glorify and serve You well in this city."