Our goals are to develop a culture of prayer in our church and our homes,
to encourage and to teach every member of FBC to pray privately and corporately,
to provide prayer support for every ministry of the church and for our pastors,
and to provide ways and opportunities to intercede for our city, our nation and our world.

Cover in Prayer:
Lord, as we have learned this week, love must have an outward expression. As we approach this annual commitment campaign, help us know how we can love YOU … as we worship, study Your Word, pray, give, and serve. And then, please give us opportunity to tell others why we love You so. May all of these decisions bring encouragement to the Body of Christ, and light to those without, for this is why we are here.

High Praise:
Light the Night:   At Light the Night someone said, “We have tons of candy so give the children as much as they want”. As I was passing it out, I said to a group of girls, “Take some candy.” They took only a few. I said take handfuls of candy!” So I began to grab handfuls of candy and put it into their bags.  As I did so, I said, “Just like Jesus, He gives in abundance!” One of the girls, about 9 yrs. old, asked, “Who is Jesus?” I said, “You don’t know who Jesus is?” She said, “Oh, is He the American God, like a little god?” I said, “He is the God of the whole universe. He is the God of the world and everything in it. Everything above the earth, below the earth and in the earth. This lead to her asking so many more questions. As I answered each question she would ask another. She wanted to know if He was still alive, then how did He die, why did He die, how did He come out of the tomb, when was He born. I introduced her to Byron and told her that he could give her a book that told all about Jesus life.  She was the only one I spoke with who was hungry for a conversation about Jesus. She was the pearl of great price for which the Lord allowed this event to take place.

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Prayer Meetings

Wednesday Morning
11:00 AM - (ALL) Parlor

Wednesday Evening
6:00 PM - (by Department) Webb 212-214
Come with your Bible Study department on your assigned Wednesday.
But you can of course join us ANY Wednesday.
See right for each department's Wednesday assignments.

Thursday Morning
11:00 AM - (ALL) Parlor

Sunday Morning
7:30 AM - (Pastor/Men's) Conference Room

11:00 AM - War Room Prayer Team (West 107), prayer during Worship Service.  Email to sign up.

Sunday Evening
5:00 PM - (Spanish) Webb 218

Fifth Wednesday 6:00 PM
(ALL Departments)
Webb 212-214

We'll meet at 6:00 PM in Webb 212 to pick up prayer assignments and
we'll depart from there to pray throughout the church for the church.

2nd Saturdays - Praying for Prodigals
8:30 AM - Parlor  Call the church for more information