Pulse Week
April 2-7

What would it mean to hear and empathize with the pulse of the community?

What would need to change in me to listen beyond a person’s words… to their heartbeat?

• Identify one of your (or your family’s) communities, one of your daily rhythms: home, work, social, school, other.

Then, intentionally LISTEN!

• Walk your community with a lens of generosity:
    What markers of need do you see?
    Where are opportunities to extend dignity to others?
    How could I share a life of generosity with those in my community?
    What do you hear in the heartbeat of that community?

• Walk through each day with these questions on your mind:
    Who needs to hear the good news?
    Who needs light or truth?
    Who needs someone to come alongside and celebrate?

[Include your children in these intentions and experiences]

Loving your neighbor begins with listening. It’s active; it’s stepping in; it’s being generous. It’s bringing the most gracious and glorious truth of Jesus to others.


    April 2nd
     7:30 am: Briscoe Elementary (men, please)

    STRONG FOUNDATION (Serving homeless families with children)
    April 7th
     9:50 - 11:30am: Kidz time: 1 hour of teaching while parents are in class
    (your children are welcome - safe environment, great opportunity to serve with your family)

     April 7th
     8:00 - 10:00 am: Distribute seeds and light gardening tasks

LISTEN while on mission: How did you see the hope of the gospel displayed?
How did your experience open your heart to needs in your everyday rhythms?
What did you hear from those you served… beyond the spoken word?

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