Fall Re:Verse Series
"JAMES - Authentic Faith"
A Study of James


When difficulties come your way, how do you react? How do you respond?

When things are going well, is faith just an option for you? How about when things are falling apart? Is faith still just an option, or an absolute necessity?

People who are not Christians have a tough time understanding how God can give strength to navigate the difficult times and turn them into a period when faith grows. God gives us trials. And trials produce faith. And faith that cannot be tested, cannot be trusted.

Lessons Title Verse
Lesson 1
September 5
Learning to Endure James 1:1-12
Lesson 2
September 12
Overcoming Temptation

James 1:13-18

Lesson 3
September 19
Just Do It! James 1:19-27
Lesson 4
September 26
Playing Favorites James 2:1-13
Lesson 5
October 4
Making Faith Real James 2:14-26
Lesson 6
October 10
Taming the Tongue James 3:1-12
Lesson 7
October 17
The Right Kind of Wisdom James 3:13-18
Lesson 8
October 24
It's Hard to Be Humble James 4:1-12
Lesson 9
October 31
Back to the Future James 4:13-17
Lesson 10
November 7
The Trouble With Money James 5:1-6
Lesson 11
November 14
God's Waiting Room James 5:7-11
Lesson 12
November 21
Faith in Action James 5:12-18
Lesson 13    
November 28
Our Rescue Mission James 5:19-20