Spring Sermon Series
"Faith Under Fire" 
A Study in Daniel

Faith Under Fire

Can you trust God when your world falls apart? Daniel did. He lived close to God all the days of his life, serving Him faithfully and with great integrity in a foreign land. Daniel teaches us that God is faithful and He is in control. The Book of Daniel was written to encourage the exiled Jews living in Babylonia by revealing God’s continued plan for them. This gave the Jews a great hope for the future even though their past was filled with great heartbreak and pain.

This 14-week study is about God’s sovereign power through great miracles and Bible prophecy. It also serves as a wonderful reminder of the power of prayer in a Christian’s life. As a result of this study, our prayer is that your faith will be strengthened and you will have a deeper dependence on the power and providence of God.

Lessons Title Verse
Lesson 1
March 1
A Diet For Success Daniel 1:1-21
Lesson 2
March 8
The Impossible Dream

Daniel 2:1-30

Lesson 3
March 15
The Dream Revealed Daniel 2:31-49
Lesson 4
March 22
Cool In The Furnace Daniel 3:1-30
Lesson 5
March 29
Put Out To Pasture Daniel 4:1-37
Lesson 6
April 5
The Handwriting On The Wall Daniel 5:1-31
Lesson 7
April 12
Living In The Lion's Den Daniel 6:1-28
Lesson 8
April 19
Back To The Future Daniel 7:1-28
Lesson 9
April 26
A Glimpse Of The Future Daniel 8:1-27
Lesson 10
May 5
Daniel's Prayer Of Confession Daniel 9:1-23
Lesson 11
May 10
The Beginning Of The End Daniel 9:23-27
Lesson 12
May 17
The Power Of Prayer Daniel 10:1-21
Lesson 13    
May 24
History In The Making Daniel 11:1-45
Lesson 14   
May 31
Shine Like The Stars Daniel 12:1-13