A Study of Acts

GOING VIRAL - A Study of Acts

When we hear the term “going viral” we’re likely to think of a YouTube video that’s been viewed millions of times, or some other video, website, or idea that has spread rapidly. Often when something “goes viral” it greatly impacts people’s lives as it gains national or international notoriety.

The church is still God’s plan for advancing the gospel. Have you identified and embraced the Acts 1:8 mission for your church and your life? The Book of Acts challenges us to “go viral” with the gospel in our world. This book instructs and encourages us to take the gospel across various cultural contexts with missionary intent and commitment. We can accomplish this mission through the power of the Holy Spirit by serving others through the church and by boldly proclaiming a gospel witness.

Lessons Title Verse
Lesson 1 (9/3) Mission Instructions Acts 1:1-14
Lesson 2 (9/10) The Arrival of the Promised Holy Spirit Acts 2:1-41
Lesson 3 (9/17) A Cure and a Call to Repentance Acts 3:1-20
Lesson 4 (9/24) A Courageous Witness Acts 4:5-31
Lesson 5 (10/1) Phase 2: Persecuted and Scattered Acts 6-8
Lesson 6 (10/8) Radically Saved Acts 9
Lesson 7 (10/15) Grace Granted/Church Planted Acts 11:1-26
Lesson 8 (10/22) Paul’s First Missionary Journey Acts 13
Lesson 9 (10/29) Liberty or Legalism? Acts 15:1-29
Lesson 10 (11/5) Praise-filled Prisoners Acts 16:11-34
Lesson 11 (11/12) Crossing Cultural Contexts with the Gospel Acts 17:10-12, 16-34
Lesson 12 (11/19) A Heartfelt Farewell Acts 20:17-38
Lesson 13 (11/26) The Gospel is Unchained Acts 23:11; 25:12; 28:16-31