Winter Sermon Series
The Gospel of Mark
Through Feb. 28

The Gospel of Mark

The baptism. Men fishing. A man possessed. A leper. A paralyzed man. A tax collector and sinners. The Disciples. Family. A man with a shriveled hand. The multitudes. Each approaching Jesus with faith and hope for the future. Each wanting a better life. Each trusting Jesus for an answer to their problems.

Mark, Chapters 1-3, is an incredibly fast-paced start to the earliest historical account of the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. Mark’s narrative moves quickly and reflects the “no time to waste” action in Jesus’ life. There is certainly a sense of urgency that resonates in Mark’s Gospel.

Christianity is not a passive faith. It is an exciting and proactive way of life where God’s love motivates us to help those in need, to serve those around us, and as a result, to experience what it means to be a true servant leader. And there is no better example of this than Christ Himself whose life was defined by serving others.

Lessons Title Verse
Lesson 1 (12/6) A Voice For God Mark 1:1-8
Lesson 2 (12/13) A Ministry Begins

Mark 1:9-15

Lesson 3 (12/20) Gone Fishing Mark 1:16-20
Lesson 4 (12/27) A Day in the Life
(Christmas Lesson: Luke 1:30-38)
Mark 1:21-35
Lesson 5 (1/3) A Personal Touch Mark 1:36-45
Lesson 6 (1/10) Whatever it Takes Mark 2:1-12
Lesson 7 (1/17) Friends in Low Places Mark 2:13-17
Lesson 8 (1/24) Lessons From Patches and Wineskins Mark 2:18-22
Lesson 9 (1/31) The Lord's Day Mark 2:23-28
Lesson 10 (2/7) Righteous Anger Mark 3:1-12
Lesson 11 (2/14) Choosing the A-Team Mark 3:13-19
Lesson 12 (2/21) The Unforgiven Mark 3:20-30
Lesson 13 (2/28) The Family of God

Mark 3:31-35