Area Fellowships
Will Return in the Fall

Area Fellowships
Fall 2021

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What are Area Fellowships?
Cross-generational gatherings of people who live near each other and who meet together to share fun, food and friendship with other FBCSA attenders and their guests.

Will Area Fellowships meet in person this year?
No. This year we will meet online. Zoom set up and training will be provided if needed.

When do Area Fellowships meet?
Area Fellowships will meet on Sundays. We will meet October 4th and November 1st.

What will happen at an Area Fellowship gathering?
A host will contact you with the specifics, but you will join the fellowship via Zoom and be greeted by a host. You’ll have time to get to know each other and fellowship before watching a short video message from Pastor Chris. You’ll have some time to discuss Pastor Chris’ message before your host closes the time with prayer.

How long is an Area Fellowship meeting?
Each fellowship is different, but you can plan on 1-2 hours.

What if I can’t attend all the planned gatherings?
No problem! Just let your host know so they can plan best for each gathering.

How do I Register?
CLICK HERE to register. You will enter information for each person that will be attending. Your host will be notified that you have registered.

I have a question not addressed here. Who can I talk to?
Call the church office and ask for Dawn, or send her an email with your questions