Bible Study

Meeting in groups around the scriptures



How important is prayer to you? The highest and holiest activity you will ever be involved in is when you communicate with the Creator of the universe. But does prayer come naturally? No. You and I must learn the skills of bold, persistent, and effective prayer.

Praying in faith is the key that will open a multitude of the blessings God has for you. God knows what you need before you ask, but when you ask, it is your way of acknowledging your total dependence on Him.

You should always pray with an open Bible and an open heart. As you read what God is saying, you start doing what He tells you to do.

The way to know with absolute certainty you are praying according to God’s Will is to pray according to God’s Word. And that becomes a Prayer That Moves Heaven.

For 13 weeks, the FBCSA family will be walking through, "Prayer." 

Lesson 1
June 4
Battle Ready Ephesians 6:17-20
Lesson 2
June 11
Praying for Others 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5
Lesson 3
June 18
Devoted to Prayer Acts 2:42-47
Lesson 4
March 26
Being Available to God Joshua 2:1-21
Lesson 5
April 2
Holy Ground Joshua 5:13-15; 6:1-5
Lesson 6
April 9
Sin in the Camp Joshua 7:6-12, 20-21
Lesson 7
April 16
Samson’s Spiritual Decline Judges 16:15-21
Lesson 8
April 23
A Man After God’s Own Heart 1 Samuel 16:5-13
Lesson 9
April 30
Overcoming Your Giants 1 Samuel 17:38-51​​​​​​​
Lesson 10
May 7
A Tale of Three Kings 2 Samuel 18:6-11
Lesson 11
May 14
Fire From Heaven 1 Kings 18:30-39​​​​​​​
Lesson 12
May 21
Running on Empty 1 Kings 19:3-8​​​​​​​
Lesson 13    
May 28
God’s Chosen Queen Esther 7:3-7​​​​​​​

Our Mission is to follow our Lord Jesus Christ, and to lead all others to a joyful life with him.