Bible Study

Meeting in groups around the scriptures

Re:Verse Summer 2024 Series

IMAGO DEI: What It Means To Be Human

Genesis 1 teaches that God created humanity in His image, but what does that mean? How does our design give meaning and sacredness to our humanity? How does it shape what we think and value and how we engage the culture around us? Over the next 13 weeks, using a biblical lens, we will explore the importance of our bodies and human dignity, along with giving thought to the preborn, families, and vulnerable. Ultimately, we want to marvel at our glorious creator and take his mission to redeem humanity seriously!

Lesson 1
June 2
People of Life John 14:6
Lesson 2
June 9
Seal of Life Genesis 1:26–27
Lesson 3
June 16
Purpose and Life John 10:10
Lesson 4
June 23
Human Flourishing Jeremiah 29:10–14
Lesson 5
June 30
Human Dignity 1 John 4:19–21
Lesson 6
July 7
Image and Destiny Romans 8:28–30
Lesson 7
July 14
Dignity and Diversity Revelation 5:9–10
Lesson 8
July 21
Dignity and Disability John 9:1–3
Lesson 9
July 28
The Goodness of God’s Creation Psalm 139:13–16 ​​​​​​​
Lesson 10
August 4
Sacred Life of the Preborn Psalm 139:13–16
Lesson 11
August 11
Sanctified Stages of Life Proverbs 31:8 ​​​​​​​
Lesson 12
August 18
Wholly Sanctified Life Romans 12:1–2
Lesson 13
August 25
Christ and the Fullness of God Colossians 1:15–20