Commitments of FBCSA

Commitments of FBCSA

OUR GOAL: Unity and enthusiasm of our church family as we prepare for a new year of service together.

The Bible sees believers as blessed people! In Christ we are not passive receivers, needing others to carry us. We are strong and capable of making a contribution!

The FBCSA Commitment Campaign is an opportunity every year to recover this dream. We do not GO to church, we ARE the church.

Six commitments are called for:
To read weekly (Re:Verse passage).
To gather regularly (Bible Study and Worship).
To give generously.
To pray faithfully.
To serve enthusiastically.
To live missionally.

Commitment cards will be available at the ASK ME Booths or you may submit your commitment below as well. Our goal is 100% commitment! Please continue to pray for the “unity of the Spirit” in your life as well as the life of our dear church.

Thank you for being a part of the FBCSA family during these exciting times.

Submit your commitment TODAY!