Community Missions

Every Person • Every Family • Every Group

Upcoming Training and Outreach:


Coming soon:

**Children's Hunger Fund training

**Alliance for Orphans Response Team training

The FBCSA family mobilized to live out the Gospel in this city through rhythms of everyday life, bringing healing and hope through the power of the Gospel in tangible ways.

Projects and programs are not the mission; making disciples of a PEOPLE who live in a particular PLACE is the mission.




• “What would Gospel Intentionality look like for my family?”

• “How do I choose a people and a place?”

• “How do I get my small group engaged with this mission?”

• “How do I live out my Gospel identity as Jesus commands?”

Volunteer Opportunities

TBM Texans On Mission is your primary pathway to assist those in need through Disaster Relief, Local and Global Mission Trips, and partner with Texan Baptists to Glorify Christ in the World.

Come join the men and women who have served sacrificially around the world after every major disaster in Texas, most across the United States and after many disasters worldwide. Texans on Mission volunteers have provided many people worldwide clean drinking water in the midst of some of the most difficult situations.

ESL For refugees and immigrants in our city, everyday activities are a challenge because of language. We assist with training language by:

-Varied Levels of English Classes for Refugees with Bible and Relationships (weekly, off-site); 

-Childcare and English teachers needed (training provided).

-U.S. citizenship classes and tutoring (weekly, at church) - help needed.

HOPE For those in need and undergoing trauma, simple tasks become a challenge and comfort is hard to find. We offer prayer and care every week by:

-Prayer Quilt ministry  

-First Crafters creating hand-crafted gifts for Missions

MILITARY For those on military assignment in our city, life can be uncertain and lonely. We serve those who served us through:

-Cru Airmen For Christ @ Lackland AFB (with the recruits during basic training, on Sundays) 

-One-On-One Interaction including holiday meals, rides to church, and practical needs.

-We partner with Broken Warriors Angels, Ministering to Veterans who have been left behind.

-Volunteer home repair teams for Veterans; scheduling projects every quarter.

DIGNITY For those who are in prison, homeless or living in poverty in our city, the future holds little hope, and dignity is lost. We come alongside through:

-Christian Assistance Ministry and Communities Under the Bridge Volunteer Opportunities,

-Street Visitation with care packages, scripture, and hot coffee!

-Health & Resource Fairs and Holiday Meals for the homeless and for the underserved

-Kairos Prison Ministry

YOUTH For many children and youth in our city, hunger, fear, and misunderstanding are everyday 

expectations. We reach out by:

-Briscoe Buddies (provides snack food bags for children who need food over the weekend)

-Refugee Kids Monthly VBS (off-site), Literacy Groups with Kids and Mothers;

-Wednesday Night Basketball and Annual Summer Outreach:

-Mentoring Minute with Youth;

-Fostering Together and Build-a-Bed Ministry: Delivery teams, Support teams, Event teams.

TRUTH To ensure that we evangelize and make disciples in our city there must be Gospel Intentionality. We witness through:

Join Downtown witnessing and prayer-walking door-to-door and Block Parties or Evangelistic events. 

Soon we will focus on three apartment communities and make disciples. We are also focusing efforts with our BSM groups at SAC and the YL student ministry group at St. Phillips College.

If interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, please contact Byron Pitts at