Family Dedication

Orientation Class

Sunday, September 8, 2024

9:30 AM • Webb 215

Dedication Service

Sunday, September 15, 2024

11:00 AM Services

What is Family Dedication?

No one has a greater impact on the spiritual development of a child than their parents. At FBCSA, we believe it is a great privilege and honor to be tasked with leading in our families in ways that point to Christ. Family Dedication is a special time when parents publicly express their commitment for raising their child in a home that centered around Christ.

While Family Dedication is an important commitment that families make to the Lord, it is by no means an end or a stopping point along the spiritual journey! This is just the beginning of a lifelong commitment where you continually point your family to Christ and lead them to know the love of our great God.

Family Commitments: 

As a family commitment is first and foremost to the Lord, parents should have a personal relationship with the Lord. As parents, we must be aligned with the Lord in a personal relationship before we can lead our kids to do the same. Our desire is for parents to be members or regular attendees of FBCSA because our church family is committing to helping you in this responsibility and walking with you every step of the way. As part of helping you, we also ask that at least one parent from the family attend the Family Dedication Orientation class on the Sunday prior to the Family Dedication service.

FBCSA Commitments:

We are here to help you along the way! Your FBCSA church family will commit to praying for you and your family consistently, joining with you to help you lead a Christ-centered home, and to lead by example in matters of faith and conduct. Our aim is to join you and equip you as we build spiritually healthy homes together.