FBCSA University (Adult VBS)
Discipleship Study

FBCSA University
(Adult VBS)

June 21-24
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Kokernot Hall • 3rd Floor

FBCSA University offers “Multi-Generational” Discipleship Studies and Doctrinal Training. It will run in conjunction with Kids Vacation Bible School, as an option for parents and an opportunity for youth and adults.

Session 1 begins at 6:00 PM / Session 2 begins at 7:00 PM

We will be using an elective approach, allowing each person to take two different courses per evening. Each course is a 4-part series, taught twice an evening.


"Exhuming the Truth: Lessons from Leaders in Church History"
Megan Langan

Kokernot 301
How much do we really know about our ancestors in the faith? What might we learn about Jesus by returning to our history books? Let's travel back in time together and learn from early church fathers and mothers about living authentic, gospel-centered lives. We have much to gain from their their timeless wisdom!

"Greater Men"
Danny Panter/Marcus Simmons

Kokernot 301B
There is so much to learn from the men of the Bible. Over the next few days, looking at a few of these men, we facilitate a conversation about their strengths, weaknesses, victories and setbacks. We will learn a lot about ourselves in the process and how we might take new steps in becoming greater men.

"The Key to Unlocking the Book Of Psalms"
Paul Tucker

Kokernot 305
As you've read the book of Psalms, you've undoubtedly noticed that they are written in a poetic style, which is a large part of their appeal. But what you may not have noticed is the fact that, unlike English poetry, rhyming is not one of the characteristics of Hebrew poetic style. This might lead you to assume that Hebrew to assume that Hebrew poetry is written in "free verse", but nothing could be further from the truth! So, if not rhyming, and not free verse, what then? In this class, you'll discover the few simple elements of Hebrew verse that will not only enhance your appreciation of its poetic form, but will also unlock the meaning of the Psalmists' words in ways that you may have never seen before.

"Telling God’s Story"
Byron Pitts

Kokernot 308
What do you say after you have shared your testimony and the 3-Circles? This class will introduce a concise way of sharing the biblical narrative and help you communicate the big picture to someone hearing it for the first time.

"ONE ANOTHER: Building Meaningful Relationships in a Broken World"
Blake Coffee

Kokernot 309
We will discuss practical, gospel-centered ways of forging meaningful friendships (both inside and outside the church) even across the ideological division that plagues our current culture. Come and learn conversations for healthy relationships, principles of Biblical unity, mentalities for bridging division, and specific cultural issues for which we (the church) should be leading the conversation.

Course descriptions coming soon!