FBCSA University (Adult VBS)
Discipleship Study

FBCSA University
(Adult VBS)

FBCSA University
June 23-26
6:30 PM - 8:15 PM

FBCSA University offers “Multi-Generational” Discipleship Studies and Doctrinal Training. It will run in conjunction with Kids Vacation Bible School, as an option for parents and an opportunity for youth and adults.

Session 1 begins at 6:30 PM / Session 2 begins at 7:30 PM

We will be using an elective approach, allowing each person to take two different courses per evening. Each course is a 4-part series, taught twice an evening.



A Clash of Kingdoms
Ray Vander Laan Video Series
Moderated by Blake and Kappie Coffee
Kokernot 309

As Christians , we’re called to proclaim God’s name in all the earth. Paul encouraged the church in Philippi to consider itself a colony of heaven, not Rome. We will consider and discuss our citizenship and the message we convey to the world.

Apologetics for a Modern Age
Byron Pitts

Kokernot 305
Sharing the Truth of Jesus with Catholics, Muslims, Mormons, and Jehovah's Witnesses. How well do you know Jesus and can you tell someone about Him?

For Her Joy: My Meditations on Ephesians 5:25-33
Danny Panter
Kokernot 309-D

The Apostle Paul places a hefty burden on husbands to love their wives as Jesus loves the Church, but what do those words really mean? How do we live them out in everyday life?

Jesus in Genesis
Jim Raddin
Kokernot 304/306

Christ, the Word made flesh, presents Himself consistently in the pages of the Old Testament, just as Galatians 3:24 describes. We will seek together to know Him afresh in its first book.

Aaron Hufty
Kokernot 301

How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family, and Church.

The "Sociopolitical Vision" of the Bible
Bryan Richardson
Kokernot 308

Long before the Green New Deal, the Bible laid out the Transcendent New Deal, a way of life that recognizes everyone has a voice and a place at the table.

The Parables
Cristian Cervantez
Kokernot 302

Gain a richer and deeper understanding as we examine some of Jesus' parables from a first century Middle Eastern perspective.

Registration is NOT required.
Come and pick a class!

Childcare provided (Birth - 3 years). No registration required.
If your child is 4 years old - 5th grade, please register them for VBS.


Contact julie@fbcsa.org for more information.