First Fine Arts

Lenten Concert Series

The First Fine Arts Series is a venture that is dedicated to the idea that art is a gift from God, and that it should be cultivated and celebrated among the people. Concerts throughout the Series will bring together the community and the church to enjoy the gift of music. The spirit of bringing people together is in keeping with our purpose.

Lenten Concert Series 2024

Camerata San Antonio
Dr. Seth Nelson, piano
Jazz Protagonists
Dr. Rachel Woolf & Dr. Jeong-Eun Lee
Bronwyn White & Anna Hakobyan

Advent Concert Series 2023

Dr. John Carroll, trumpet; Nicole Cabello, accompanist

Stacy Arnold (Classical Guitar)

Kennedy Powers, trombone; Ethan Dupree, guitar; Chaney Rutherford, double bass; Gabe Durand-Hollis, drums

Lenten Concert Series 2023

March 4

March 28, 2023

March, 21, 2023

March 7, 2023


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