"Legacy" Publication

Soon Pastor Don will be retiring and the concept of living and leaving a Godly legacy will have a special meaning to our FBCSA family. He will be retired but his legacy of faith, hope and love ( 1 Thessalonians 1: 1-3) will live on through the lives he has touched. This is exemplified in his own words when he wrote in the Everyday Prayer blogs:

“To trust Christ, to walk by the Spirit in a material/secular age is a
daily demanding task. And a lonely one. But we are not alone!
Believers are always surrounded by people from the past
(now living in heavenly places) who also walked by faith
and therefore understand the challenges we face.”

“With God, for God, at church, in the world,
love is our main task and the standard by which
the world identifies us. Scripture defines it.
Love is sacrifice made for the welfare of others.”

“Hope in the heart is a powerful influence for good.
An absolutely necessary part of the Christian life!”

While Pastor Don’s legacy is so meaningful to all of us, there are many FBCSA stories of young and old, past and present yet to be told. This second issue of “Legacy” features members of our Church body, which you may have never known,  who have heard God’s calling to serve and answered humbly. With your help there will be many more stories to come.

Please feel free to email Frances Allen with any FBCSA names of members you believe should be featured in a future publication.






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