Lenten Journey

Journey through the Lenten season with us!

We all look forward with great anticipation to celebrating Easter Sunday, the resurrection of Christ our Savior. But if we examine Scripture closely, we'll see that we're invited to first go on a journey. This is the journey of Christ's life and ministry, which leads to Golgotha, to Calvary, and ultimately to an empty tomb. The journey begins with Ash Wednesday. Though this is a new tradition for our church, it is an old tradition of believers to recognize their sin, their mortality, and their need for a savior. We will gather together to worship, repent, and use the physical symbol of ashes to remember that though we are but a vapor, we are loved by a Holy God.

Will you join us as we embark on this journey together?

Senior Pastor Chris Johnson

Pastor Chris Johnson and Pastor Matt Homeyer, Trinity Baptist Church, discus fasting and gain a deeper understanding of this powerful practice during the Lenten season.

Interview with Pastor Matt Homeyer