4th & 5th Grade Lock-In at FBCSA

Theme - “Love your Selfie”
Friday, April 12th • 6:00 PM
$20 per attendee ($10 off if you bring a friend, for them and you!)

2019 First Kids Medical waiver is required for all attendees.

Kids and youth today are told all about what's beautiful and perfect in worldly terms.  Social media, TV, movies, magazines, and more lead kids to believe that they are less than acceptable because they don't look or act like the images they see.  At this lock-in, we'll spend time in God's word to find out how God sees us!

"Join us for games, Laser Legend, Bible study, food, prizes, friends and more as we learn about who we are in God’s eyes!”

Studying Psalm 139:14

"I am fearfully and wonderfully made"

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