Love Your Neighbor Challenge

Weekly Challenges Through August

On June 9, we began our 12-week "Love Your Neighbor Challenge." Each week you will receive a prompt to PRAY for your Neighbors, BLESS your neighborhood, and SERVE in your community.

Love Your Neighbor: Challenge 7

7/21 - 27

Love Your Missionaries

PRAY: For the missionaries that we support & get to know them better. Ask that they would not grow weary in doing good for

the Lord. Pray that souls would be saved & become disciple-makers. Use the touch screen kiosk on the map wall to connect.

BLESS: By writing an encouraging letter or email to Byron Pitts. The FBCSA missions office will make sure they receive it. You can also write online:

SERVE: One of our own missionaries by asking how to help them with expenses or asking them to share their stories of God’s grace to your small group. See if you can mail them a item from the USA that they miss.

Love Your Neighbor: Challenge 6

7/14 - 20

"Love Those in Foster Care"

PRAY: For caseworkers, children in our community’s foster care system, foster parents and grandparents (kinship caregivers), children seeking adoption, and prospective adoptive parents. May they all experience the love of Christ.

BLESS: Write "Thank You" cards for caseworkers, donate to support their efforts, and contribute to the Kinmart back-to-school shopping event.

SERVE: Become a respite babysitter, a foster family, or a CASA advocate.

Love Your Neighbor: Challenge 5

7/7 - 13

"Pray for Local Ministries and Volunteer 1x This Month"

PRAY: For local ministry leaders serving in homelessness, foster care, child hunger, youth sports, CRU military discipleship, refugees, literacy, children’s Bible clubs, and the needs of our church family.

BLESS: Someone in your community by giving to help make these ministries and missions possible.

SERVE: Your community by volunteering at least 1x a month. Choose from many volunteer opportunities at

Love Your Neighbor: Challenge 4

6/30 - 7/6

"Love Your Military and First Responders"

PRAY: For the Armed Forces, Police, and First Responders who maintain peace in our city but struggle to find peace in their own lives. Pray for serenity and rest to all those who selflessly dedicate their lives to serving our community and country.

BLESS: Reach out to your Military, Police, and First Responder friends or neighbors with words of encouragement. Write letters to those serving in the Military on assignment. Send thank you notes to your local Police station or your local Fire Department.

SERVE: Support a community Fire or Police Station by offering to bring donuts or dinner. Volunteer at a Wounded Warriors or Fisher House on a nearby military base. Assist local homeless Veterans through Community Missions.

Love Your Neighbor: Challenge 3

6/23 - 29

"Love Your Next Door Neighbor"

PRAY: For your neighbors every day this week. Download the BLESS App at

BLESS: Three people this week by giving Words of Affirmation, performing Acts of Kindness, and Giving Gifts.

SERVE: Your next door neighbors by getting to know them, take over some baked goods, or share a meal with them. Jesus always ministered around a dining room table.

Love Your Neighbor: Challenge 2

6/16 - 22

"Love Widows, Homebound, Sick, and Lonely"

PRAY: For your sick and homebound neighbors. Reach out to them with a call, visit, or a helping hand.

BLESS: Volunteer to visit those in hospitals or care facilities. Offer a home-cooked meal or simply strike up a conversation with someone new.

SERVE: The elderly, handicapped, and widowed in your community by helping with yard work, routine home maintenance, or grocery shopping to ensure their comfort and safety at home.

Love Your Neighbor: Challenge 1

6/9 - 15

"Love Your Bothers And Sisters In Christ"

PRAY for those here in church, watching on TV, livestreaming online, ministry leaders, volunteers, and persecuted Christians around the world.

BLESS someone new at church, invite them to lunch or call a neighbor and bless them with unexpected encouragement.

SERVE your community alongside fellow Christians and seek opportunities to love your neighbors in unified service to others.

We would love to hear your testimonies through these weekly challenges. Please share those by clicking below!