Marriage in 3D
Home Edition
Friday, June 12

Marriage in 3D
"Home Edition"
June 12 • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
(Via Zoom)

Speaker: Jon Anderson
"Date Your Spouse, Daily"

Most of us have heard that dating should not stop, just because we’ve said “I do”. But, for many, date night sometimes seems to add stress to the marriage: 
• Finding a reliable baby-sitter; 
• Coming up with enough money for a nice dinner, entertainment, and paying the baby-sitter; 
• Wondering if things are going okay at home while the two of you are gone. 

And, if that weren’t enough, sometimes we come home feeling worse about our marriage than we would have if we hadn’t gone out in the first place!

It may be time to redefine what it means to “date”!

Jon Anderson, marriage intensive expert, will share a 30-minute encouraging marriage boost on how a great dating life can fit any budget and be fun too. With a few simple and intentional steps, dating can become something that you look forward to and leaves both, husband and wife, feeling recharged, strengthened, and united during the hills and the valleys of married life. 

Jon will also share…
• 3 components of a good date 
• How to daily incorporate these 3, FREE, components into your marriage

This is sure to provide a practical and simple to start having more fun and connection with your spouse.

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