Marriage in 3D

Marriage Fight: Learning to Fight for Marriage Together
Special Guests: Ken & Rita Hicks

Ken & Rita celebrate God’s blending of their family together for the 22nd time in November, 2017. They have shared together as God’s under-shepherd in churches every step of the journey, and currently celebrate Jesus at Heights Community Church. Ken is also the Founder & CEO of 360 Enrichment Group, which proactively partners with companies to build Healthy Marriages through the workplace.

5:00 DINNER WITH YOUR SPOUSE AT YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT                                                                                                           

        Learning to Fight for Marriage Together


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is invited?
Anyone who is married, thinking about getting married, planning to get married, getting married again and even those who wish they weren’t married are invited! While the speaker will give guidance from a Christian perspective, you don’t have to be a Christian to come and receive good guidance on being married.
Where is dinner to be served?
Dinner is wherever you’d like to take your spouse! Some couples will have a night out on their own. Others will go out with a group a friends. Everyone will meet at FBC San Antonio for dessert at 7pm (the doors to Fellowship Hall will open at 6:55pm). For a list of downtown restaurants, click here.
How much does the event cost?
The event is FREE! Childcare is $5.00 per family (Click here to register).
Where at FBC San Antonio will the event be held?
Dessert will happen in Fellowship Hall located on the first floor of the Kokernot building. Devotion will also be held in Fellowship Hall. Childcare and children’s activities will be located on the first floor of Webb Hall. If you don’t know where these buildings are, don’t worry! Greeters will be at the door to help you find your way. For directions to the FBC San Antonio campus, click here.
Is there a deadline for childcare registration?
Yes. The childcare registration deadline for M3D is Sunday, June 4.

Is there a cost for childcare?
Yes. $5.00 per family
Snacks will be provided, but please either feed your child dinner before you bring them to childcare or provide a bagged meal for them.

Hosted by NEXTGEN Married Ministry.