Mid-Week in the City

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**Update - Wednesday Evening Activities for February 1 have been canceled**

Wednesday, February 8

7:00 PM • Wolfson House

How Can We Deepen Our Prayer Life?

Prayer is one of the most fundamental parts of the Christian life, yet it is so easy to neglect or ignore. If we're going to live the life God has for us, we have to commit ourselves to prayer. But how can we do this? How can we add new energy to our prayer life? Join us this week for a discussion on how we can pray for frequently, creatively, and energetically. We'll see you there!

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The universe’s mysteries won’t solve themselves. That’s what questions are for. Questions lead to conversations, and conversations lead to the discovery of God and one another. At Mid-Week in the City, we face these questions head-on. Each week, we gather around tables to eat together and to talk about fear, hope, pain, spirituality, suffering, joy, the future, and much more.

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