Mid-Week in the City

Ask Questions. Think New. Fear Not.

Mid-Week in the City

Summer Book Study

June 4 - August 13

Sundays after Worship

It's summer time! That means the single adults of FBCSA are doing our annual summer book study! We will be reading The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis - and no, this has nothing to do with marriage or divorce. We will be walking through Lewis' imagination on heaven, and while it will impact our view of eternity, it will also impact the way we view our everyday life today. Join us for this fun summer study! 

(This year, we will meet for lunch after church on Sunday afternoons)

We invite you to join us on Wednesday nights!

The universe’s mysteries won’t solve themselves. That’s what questions are for. Questions lead to conversations, and conversations lead to the discovery of God and one another. At Mid-Week in the City, we face these questions head-on. Each week, we gather around tables to eat together and to talk about fear, hope, pain, spirituality, suffering, joy, the future, and much more.

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