First on Mission

Global Mission Opportunities

First Baptist’s Missions ministry involves mission education, short-term national trips, short-term international trips, and in some cases long-term mission involvement. Our Mission Statement is: "Our purpose is to sponsor, support, and develop mission opportunities for our church to share Jesus with the world resulting in changed hearts, renewed compassion and new callings to His service."

Each mission trip is weighed against this statement in order to maintain our focus. The mission ministry at First Baptist is involved in praying for and participation in sharing the gospel around the world. Our desire is to create a mindset for missions involvement in every believer's heart.

If you are interested in going on an FBC San Antonio mission trip, please complete a mission interest survey.

Ongoing Mission Trips

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Upcoming Mission Trips


Pa La-U Village Southern Thailand

November 3 - 13

Tera Kouba

Team size 12, cost $3,500

Commission Prayer - October 29 (Unity Hall)

Report Date - November 19 (Fellowship Hall)

Returned Mission Trips


August 11 - Aug 20

Devin Penaluna

Max team size 19, cost $2,000 (depending on Airfare)

Commission Date - August 6 (Unity Hall)

Report Date – August 27 (Webb 212)


July 22 – Aug 1

Medical Mission Trip – open to RN’s &


Contact Janis Rice: 210-862-7931

for more Information & trip cost

Commission Date – July 9

Report Date - August


July 14 - 24

Dave & Kathy Rohmfeld

Max team size 6, cost $2,800

Commission Prayer - July 9 (Unity Hall)

Report Date - August 6 (Fellowship Hall)


July 7 - 14

Robert Schoenert, Randy Garner

Max team size 35, cost $1,000

Commission Prayer - July 2 (Unity Hall)

Report Date - July 30 (Fellowship Hall)

Hoima, Uganda (Ongoing)

June 15 - July 9

Ben & Carmen Bennett,

Max 20, FBC team 5, cost $3,850

Commission Prayer - June 11 (Unity Hall)

Report Date - July 23 (Fellowship Hall)

Mission Choir Tour

June 23 - July 2

Calgary, Canada

The First Youth Worship team of teens and adults head to Calgary, Canada where they will be doing a number of performances along with many service projects.

They will follow up with a Home Concert on July 2 at 6:00 PM in the Sanctuary.

Commission Prayer - June 11

Report Date - July 2

Dominican Republic

May 20 – May 27

Rebekah Georges

Max team size 4, cost - $1978


Commission Prayer - May 14 (Unity Hall)

Krakow, Poland

April 27-May 6

Danny & Peggy Bobbit

Max team size 15, cost $2250


Commission Prayer - April 23 (Unity Hall)

Report Date - June 4 (Fellowship Hall)

Youth LEAD Team Mission Trip

March 10-18

Rick Henderson

GC max team size 20, cost $2000,

Click here for blog posts on the trip


March 10-18

Ethan Dupree

Team Size - 1

Click here for blog posts on the trip

Click here for video report on the trip

Mission Reports

Calgary, Canada

Dominican Republic - 2023

Ethan Dupree - Pakistan

Missional Project Proposal


  1. Mission Proposal forms can be completed online below or downloaded at the right, and turned in to Gloria in the church office. 
  2. The Mission Proposal form must be filled out as completely as possible by the Mission Team Leader who will serve as the point of contact between the church and the other team members.
  3. The "Mission Description" and "God's calling for this Mission" are required and key sections on the proposal form.
  4. Allocations for scholarships from CMI funds for 2023 will be decided monthly.


Individuals may petition the Missions Committee for approval of an individual mission project to be conducted individually (with/without FBCSA funds involved). The project must be in keeping with FBCSA mission purposes or approved by the Missions Committee as a worthy project. This would allow the individual to be under the auspices of FBCSA. The individual must submit a Mission Proposal form online below or download the pdf on this page and turn it in to Gloria in the church office.