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Global Mission Opportunities

First Baptist’s Missions ministry involves mission education, short-term national trips, short-term international trips, and in some cases long-term mission involvement. Our Mission Statement is: "Our purpose is to sponsor, support, and develop mission opportunities for our church to share Jesus with the world resulting in changed hearts, renewed compassion and new callings to His service."

Each mission trip is weighed against this statement in order to maintain our focus. The mission ministry at First Baptist is involved in praying for and participation in sharing the gospel around the world. Our desire is to create a mindset for missions involvement in every believer's heart.

If you are interested in going on an FBC San Antonio mission trip, please complete a mission interest survey.

Mission Reports

Uganda 2024

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Upcoming Mission Trips

Kenya: First Family Mission Trip

This team is led by Danny Panter and is already closed. 36 people are traveling on this Family mission trip. To partner with Neema Girls and Tigoni Baptist Fellowship to engage local tea villages and a Tigoni Neighborhood with the Gospel; to provide support for ongoing and long-term Kingdom work in those communities.

Departs: March 7, 2024

Returns: March 19, 2024


Commissioning Date: March 3

Brooklyn: Youth Lead Mission Trip

Our LEAD Youth Senior Mission Trip will be going to New York this year. We are partnering with Zach at the Borough Church. Assisting with a regular basketball outreach that they have, joining the outreach and discipleship events, and prayer walking in the city around the church. We are excited to join with this church on a repeating basis long-term.

Departs: March 7, 2024

Returns: March 13, 2024

Price: $1,300 / Closed

Commission Date: March 3

Ukraine: with Holding Ukraine & FBCSA

Helping the Pastors, churches and lay leaders rebuild their churches, ministries and country. Last year we held a conference for the churches and their leaders and helped them overcome trauma-related issues with the power of God. We seek to bring the Gospel to these war-torn regions and give the hope of Jesus to the people of Ukraine.

Departs: June 14, 2024

Returns: June 24, 2024

Price: $3,000 / OPEN / Commissioning Date: June 9

Great Britain: Youth Mission Choir Tour

Your FBCSA Youth Choir will travel to the Islands in Great Britain and bring a chorus of praise to churches and communities there. There are several mission organizations they are partnering with, one being Exodus Missions in Northern Ireland. Please support this group with prayer.

Departs: June 27, 2024

Returns: July 10, 2024

Price: Undisclosed / Closed / Commission Date: June 23

New Mexico: Jemez Family Mission Trip

Come be a part of a historical mission that has been going on for decades! We minister to local Native American tribes and focus mainly on the children with a week-long VBS event. Please join us, see souls saved and lives changed!

Departs: July 6, 2024

Returns: July 13, 2024

Price: $1200 / Choose to Fly or Ride / Commission June 30

Romania: Ministry to Turkish & Roma Gypsies

It's our mission to share the Gospel message with the lost in Romania by partnering with a local Church in their ongoing evangelism efforts with Turkish and Gypsy communities in the area. VBS for children and other ministry.

Departs: July 17, 2024

Returns: July 31, 2024

Price: $2500 + Team Size 15 / Open / Commissioning July 14

Guatemala: Tejutla Medical Mission Trip Partnering with Methodist Hospital

Medical Staff are needed. This hands-on ministry opportunity for 10 days will challenge you to use the skills God has given you to heal and to transform a community. Youth can go on this trip to assist in water filtration and cooking stove distribution. Led by Janis Rice who is managing the medical team from UT Health and other Hospitals.

Departs: July 20, 2024

Returns: July 30, 2024

Price: $2500 / Team Size 65 / Special / Commissioning Date: July 14

Sri Lanka: For All Mankind Missions

Your mission is to facilitate the launching of new story groups among unreached people in Sri Lanka through evangelistic Compassion Kit Parties. You will also be working with existing story groups and house churches to encourage the believers in the area and reap an evangelistic harvest alongside them.

Departs: December 6, 2024

Returns: December 14, 2024

Price: $2800 / Team size 9 / Open / Commissioning: Dec 1

Northern Thailand Karenni Bible School - TBD

Max Team Size 10-12. Share the love and truth of Jesus through prayer walking, community projects, teaching at this Bible school, and playing games with children. Strengthen the Burmese leadership there in Thailand.

Price: $3,500 / Open

Upcoming Missions Training Sessions

March 10 - Group Book Study - When Helping Hurts

April 28 - Group Book Study Missional Habits

May 19 - Gospel Training

June 2 - Gospel Training