Seasons Overview

First Baptist Church of San Antonio is deeply invested in the observance of the church calendar and the significant holidays contained within. As a church, we begin our journey with Advent, a time of eager anticipation for the arrival of Jesus Christ, which culminates in the joyous celebration of Christmas. As the Christmas season concludes, we transition into the period of Epiphany, acknowledging Jesus as a beacon of light for the world. Following Epiphany, we enter the season of Lent, a solemn period of introspection and reflection of our transgressions, serving as preparation for the ensuing Holy Week. The culmination of Holy Week is the commemoration of Easter, a time for us to rejoice in Jesus’ crucifixion and subsequent resurrection. This celebratory period extends for 50 days, leading us into Pentecost, when we honor and rejoice in the presence of God’s spirit. This cycle then renews again with Advent, serving as a constant reminder of God’s enduring love, from the birth of Christ to the presentation of His spirit.